International shared facility

The CASE shared facility houses and maintains a suite of aerosol instruments that are accessible to all CASE members and students. This flexible 900 ft2 lab and collaboration space enables the development, evaluation, and maintenance of novel aerosol instruments and field sampling devices. This facility was recently dedicated to the testing of novel ad-hoc masks meant to reduce the spread of COVID-19 (article link).

A sister laboratory facility at IIT Bombay was established in December 2019. This is the first international satellite laboratory of CASE, and it facilitates the research and education of the joint Master of Science in Aerosols and Air Quality.

Facility features (WashU):

  • Environmental room (75 ft2) with temperature and humidity control for maintaining ambient aerosol collections.
  • Automated filter microbalance (MTL)
  • Reference aerosol generation systems
  • Carbonaceous aerosol flame generator
  • Toxic gas handling system for testing/calibration of air pollution monitors
  • Suite of portable aerosol instruments

To view a complete list of shared instruments and to make reservations, visit our Dept. iLabs page (see “Aerosol Instrumentation”)

For more information, contact CASE facility manager Ben Kumfer at


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