Richard Axelbaum

Advising health care professionals and workers on choice of filters for respiratory protection.

Lacer laboratory
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Rajan Chakrabarty

  • Spread of COVID-19: Modeling studies  (Payton Beeler)
    The Chakrabarty group has developed an age-stratified metapopulation model to predict the epidemic dynamics across the 50 U.S. States, DC, and Puerto Rico. This model forecasts state-wise statistics that include:
    • Epidemic Curve – time evolution of infected population
    • Number of ICU and hospital beds needed
    • Estimated number of unreported active COVID-19 cases
    • School closures
    • Business closures
    • Distancing elder
  • Antiviral Drug Development Studies

Chakrabarty Group

Randall Martin

Atmospheric Composition Analysis Group

Brent Williams

  • Indoor Air Quality Projects
  • Filter Media Testing Facility (Audrey Dang, Ben Kumfer)

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