The field of aerosol science and technology covers the basic principles that underlie the formation, growth, measurement and modeling of systems of small particles in gases. These systems play an important role in nature and industry, and in the study of nanoparticles that are the building blocks for nanotechnology.

Advances in aerosol science and technology have applications in many fields that include, but are not limited to: advanced materials, energy, environment, medicine and pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, nanotechnology and space exploration.

Joint Master's of Science in Aerosol Science and Engineering

This Master's of Science Degree in Aerosol Science and Engineering (MSASE) is offered jointly though the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) and Washington University in St. Louis. 

The key objective of the joint master's degree is to conduct research in a project related to aerosol science and engineering that is jointly supervised by a faculty member at IIT Bombay and at WashU. Another key objective is to demonstrate an interest in continuing for a co-advised PhD degree following completion of the joint master's degree.

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Aerosol courses

  • E44 EECE 504 Aerosol Science and Technology
  • E44 EECE 510 Advanced Topics in Aerosol Science & Engineering
  • E44 EECE 514 Atmospheric Science and Climate
  • E44 EECE 516 Measurement Techniques for Particle Characterization
  • E44 EECE 534 Environmental Nanochemistry
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