The Center for Aerosol Science & Engineering (CASE) at Washington University in St. Louis, founded in 2005, is focused on the advancement of science and technology of aerosol systems.  CASE works to characterize fundamental aerosol formation and transformation processes to determine impacts on the Environment, Climate, and Human Health; and to utilize these processes to develop new materials to enable Energy, Environmental & Medical technologies.  The center is composed of a collaborative group of faculty, students, and affiliates within the department of EECE and across the university, as well as partners in universities and corporations dispersed across the globe.  CASE activities include extensive collaborative research with shared instrumentation facilities, education through coordinated coursework and workshops, seminars and discussion groups, and social networking events.



3rd Annual CASE Workshop
June 5th: Beijing, China with Tsinghua University
June 8th: Mumbai, India with IIT Bombay
June 12th: New Delhi with IIT Delhi