Dr. Jian Wang, Tenured Research Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory will join as a Professor in the Department of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.  He will direct the Center for Aerosol Science and Engineering ( CASE, ) and work with seven (P. Biswas, R. Axelbaum, J. Turner, B. Williams, R. Chakrabarty, E. Thimsen and B. Kumfer) other faculty colleagues to advance the research and educational activities.  CASE has world renowned activity in these areas of research, and Dr. Wang will further add to the significant strengths already in place.
Jian’s research focuses on the processes that drive the properties and evolution of atmospheric aerosols and the interactions between aerosols and clouds. The current research topics include: (1) aerosol properties and processes under natural conditions that were prevalent during the pre-industrial era; (2) nucleation and new particle formation; (3) aerosols in the marine environment; (4) effects of aerosols on cloud microphysical properties and macrophysical structure; (5) development of advanced aerosol instruments with the focus on aircraft-based deployments.  At Washington University he will be able to expand his applications areas to aerosol reaction engineering, gas phase synthesis and combustion processes, and other areas to advance the enabling nature of aerosol science and engineering.
Dr. Wang obtained his PhD degree from the California Institute of Technology and his undergraduate degree from the University of Science and Technology, China.

3rd Annual CASE Workshop:

2016 CASE Annual Report