A core group of faculty are involved in research and education in this exciting field at Washington University.  With state of the art research facilities, excellent students and technical personnel, the group has one of the largest and most impactful aerosol education and research groups in the world.

Core Faculty

The Jens Professor

Dr. Axelbaum's area of research is in nanoparticle synthesis and combustion aerosols.

The Lucy and Stanley Lopata Professor

Dr. Biswas' area of expertise lies in combustion aerosols, air quality and pollution control, environmental benign processing, nanotechnology, and environmentally benign energy production.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Chakrabarty works at the forefront of addressing grand challenges associated with characterization, synthesis, granular-level modeling, radiative forcing estimation, and remote sensing of particulate matter existing in non-equilibrium conditions.


Ph.D., 1970, University of Minnesota Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering Director, Center for Air Pollution and Trends Analysis Information Systems for Air Quality Management

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Kumfer's experience is in combustion research, with emphasis on the utilization of oxygen to increase process efficiency, reduce pollutant emissions, produce nanomaterials, and enable capture of carbon dioxide.


Dr. Martin's expertise is in characterizing atmospheric composition to inform effective policies surrounding major environmental and public health challenges ranging from air quality to climate change

Assistant Professor

Dr. Thimsen's exptertise is in nanomaterials, thermodynamics, systems very far away from local equilibrium, high energy density fuel synthesis from renewable resources, optoelectronic semiconductor nanostructures, and processing of lightweight aerospace composite materials.

Associate Professor

Dr. Turner's expertise is in the area of air quality management, air pollution characterization &amp control.


Dr. Wang's expertise focuses on processes that drive the properties and evolutions of atmospheric aerosols and the interactions between aerosols and clouds.

Raymond Tucker Career Development Assistant Professor

Composition and Chemistry of the Atmosphere, Biogenic and Anthropogenic Gases and Particles

Affiliated Faculty


Dr. Achilefu's research interests are in molecular optical and multimodal imaging and monitoring treatment response of diseases.


Professor Arvidson is the deputy project scientist for NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission, a member of the Mars Science Laboratory and Reconnaissance Orbiter science teams, and the director of Geosciences Node of NASA’s Planetary Data System.

Professor of Medicine

Dr. Babcock has been at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine since 1994. After completing her residency, she served as medical chief resident at Barnes-Jewish Hospital for a year before starting her infectious disease fellowship.

Assistant Professor

  • ​fangqiong@wustl.edu
Dr. Ling's research employs genomics, machine learning and theory. The lab’s ultimate goal is to discover the principles underlying the diversity, functioning and resilience of microbial ecosystems and develop tools to enable ecologically aware designs.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Parker's expertise is in photochemical, oxidative, and biochemical reactions in natural and engineered environmental systems.


Dr. Singamaneni's exptertise is in plasmonic nanostructures for chemical and biological sensors and nanomedicine.


Dr. Yang's exptertise is in Photonics, optical sensing, microresonators, lasers, non-Hermitian physics, parity-time symmetry in photonics.