The Center for Aerosol Science & Engineering (CASE) at Washington University in St. Louis is focused on the advancement of knowledge through aerosol science and technology in the areas of Energy, Environment, Materials, and Health.

The lead CASE faculty members are: Rich Axelbaum,  Pratim Biswas, Rajan Chakrabarty, Rudy Husar, Elijah Thimsen, Jay Turner, Brent Williams, Su Huang, Ben Kumfer.  Affiliated Faculty: Lan Yang (ESE, WUStL).  CASE has a world wide reach primarily through a partnership with MAGEEP partner Universities.  Partner university faculty include:  Jiming Hao, Jingkun Jiang, Shuiqing Li, Qiang Yao (Tsinghua University),  Min Hu (Peking University),  Chandra Venkataraman, Virendra Sethi (IIT Bombay), Mansoo Choi (Seoul National University), Jungho Hwang, Tai-Gyu Lee (Yonsei University), Achariya Suriyawong (Chulalongkorn),  Renjie Dong (China Ag Univ), Jiamin Chen, Xin Yang (Fudan University),  Liya Yu, R. Balasubramanian (Natl. Univ. of Singapore)

Our main goals are to perform and disseminate cutting-edge research while training and graduating the next generation of the world-leading scientists, making the CASE center a draw for top student recruits, domestically and internationally.